Tips for JEE Main Mathematics Preparation 2022

JEE Main Mathematics Preparation Strategy, Tips and Crucial Topics

For a substantial percentage of JEE Main applicants, mathematics is likely to be a lifeline. This is due to the fact that JEE Main Mathematics Preparation is less difficult than the other two components. Candidates do not need to start studying from scratch because the foundation is built on Sets, Relations, and Functions, among other topics.

Mathematics is still regarded as difficult due to the anxiety that it has engendered. To overcome your phobia, you should start studying Mathematics far ahead of time.

On that note, let’s talk about a few crucial tips and strategies along with important topics to help you bolster your JEE Mains Mathematics preparation.

Tips for JEE Main Mathematics Preparation


Students are expected to plan their study and revision schedules. You should plan to revise for at least 30 days and use a good revision technique. This is because revision keeps you on track with things that are covered or aren’t covered in class but must be addressed.

Also, every other day or at least twice a week, perform a quick review of the topics.

Give Topic-wise Mock Tests and Solve Previous Year Papers

Taking mock tests and practice papers can help you figure just how much preparation you’ll need. With online mock tests, a thorough analysis of accuracy, strong and weak topics as well as time-consuming topics,  is easily accessible to you.

Take frequent breaks and solve previous years’ JEE Main exam papers. Solving the question papers allows applicants to determine the pattern and level of difficulty of the exam and their own preparation against it, allowing them to focus on their weak areas. While taking a mock test, spend the first 5 to 10 minutes looking for easy questions among the 25 questions.

Speedy Calculations

Students can improve their speed in essential topics with more practice. This pace must be maintained throughout the examination because there is no sectional time. Make sure you finish all questions in each part within 90 minutes to clear the expected cutoff.

Work on Accuracy

Instead of attempting to answer all of the questions, try to answer as many as questions you are confident about and can solve. This can help you improve your performance and may even help you achieve a score of 90 or more in JEE Main Maths.

Important Topics to Prepare


Calculus is one of the most important subjects in mathematics. Differential and integral calculus are the two main areas of study. The indefinite integral, definite integral, and the area under curves are all important concepts in integral calculus. Whereas, Limits and continuity, derivatives application, and differentiation are all important subjects to learn in mathematical analysis.

Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate geometry is the study of forms and curves on a graph, and it’s quite simple and one of the most scoring topics among all. Most of the questions asked, revolve around straight lines and circles but at times questions from parabola, Ellipse, hyperbola, and Locus Theorems are also asked.


Since the 10th grade, trigonometry has been regarded as one of the most significant topics in mathematics. Students must understand the fundamentals of trigonometry. knowledge of  Trigonometric ratios and trigonometric functions are tested in the JEE Main and other engineering entrance exams. Trigonometric questions are moderately tough and scorable.


This is the broadest area of mathematics. Algebra questions can range from simple to difficult. How much time a question can take to solve relies on your ability to interpret it. 

Sets, relations and functions, matrices and determinants, permutations and combinations, complex numbers, probability, quadratic equations & expressions, progressions & series, and binomial theorem are some of the major subjects addressed in algebra.

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