#1. Which of the following measure(s) is/are used to determine the quality of a printer ___.

#2. Modern computers are reliable but they don't have ____

#3. ____ is the mode we use to execute the instruction from a computer.

#4. What is meant by devoted computer ____

#5. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except?

#6. A computer program that converts an entire program into a machine language is called ____.

#7. A computer program that converts one by one instruction into a machine language is called ____.

#8. ____ is an internet based computing solution where shared resources are provided.

#9. ____ is the language that computer can understand and execute.

#10. ____ is a set of instructions, also called a program that tells a computer how to perform tasks.

#11. Router is ____ device.

#12. Scanner is ____ device.

#13. The building block for all information that flows through a computer ____.

#14. ____ is the software that controls all the other software programs and allows to perform basic tasks.

#15. The following ____ is termed as permanent memory.

#16. Memory that temporarily stores data and that can be erased or changed is known as

#17. Information that is entered into a computer is called as ____.

#18. Information that a computer produces and delivers back to the user is known as ____.

#19. MP3 player is ____.

#20. The smallest unit of computerized data is referred as ____.

#21. After copying the content, how many times can you paste ____.

#22. What is the keyboard shortcut key to merge a document ____.

#23. In a table to move to the first cell in a row, ____ is the keyboard shortcut key.

#24. To find text, formatting and special items ____ is the keyboard short key.

#25. What is the shortcut key to display the 'save as' dialog box ____.

#26. Among the following ____ is a logical function.

#27. Of the following is correct syntax in excel ____?

#28. Which of the following is correct ____.

#29. Without the symbol '=' excel will treat the data as ____.

#30. False () function ____.

#31. A group of computers connected together through a central sever using cables and other communication devices is known as ____.

#32. All types of banking transactions performed electronically without manual operation is known as ____.

#33. Banks use computers for ____.

#34. Measuring unit of capacity of hard drive is____.

#35. Web address is a unique address to identify ____ on web.

#36. In a network, the computer that stores the files and processes the data is named as?

#37. In processing of cheques which of the following technology is helpful to the banks ?

#38. The computer code for interchange of information between terminals is ____.

#39. Of the following, ____ is different from the group.

#40. Of the following, ____ is not a computer language.

#41. A collection of related records in a database ____.

#42. VIRUS stands for ____.

#43. ____ is known as restricting the access to information.

#44. ____ is known as allowing the authorized access to information.

#45. ____ is known as unauthorized access to the system.

#46. ____ are the examples of pointing devices.

#47. The device that is used to read bar codes is ____.

#48. Nano Second is the ____.

#49. Of the following, ____ would be considered as a way through which a computer virus can enter into a computer system.

#50. ____ is known as a computer network in which one centralized, powerful computer is a hub to which many less powerful personal computers or workstations are connected. The clients run programs and access data that stored on the server.