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Hartron Free Mock Test 01

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Hartron Free Mock Test 01

1. Active window means ?
2. Close button ?
3. The full step wise process of closing a computer is called
4. The term drag and drop means ?
5. A___ is an electronic device that process data converting into information.
6. A cursor is ?
7. A channel ( in windows terminology ) is ?
8. The term classic style implies ?
9. A quick push of the secondary mouse button while the mouse pointer is on the desired object, is called
10. This is an internet forum to discuss wide range of topics like current news, articles and current affairs, etc.
11. Group of letters, numbers, and symbols with a common typeface is called as
12. There is a central file in windows OS that is used to keep track of information about installed hardware and software and their preferences on the specific computer. This file is ?
13. Display bar that list all the open folders and active application is ?
14. Something similar to dialog box that appears with information, warning an error message or request for confirmation to execute a command( as delete)
15. The meaning of double click is .............
16. A drop-down list box ?
17. It is the smallest dot that can be uniquely drawn on a computer screen . This is ...........?
18. What Is DBMS ?
19. A connection from one HTML documents to another HTML document is called ?
20. This is the process of getting access to the computer
Hartron Free Mock Test 01
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